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Eternity Forgiven is an adult, casual social Star Wars: The Old Republic guild with a focus on building an enjoyable community and gaming experience for players, even if they have a life outside the game.  We work towards helping those who need it become better players and ultimately be able to enjoy end game content as much as the leveling content. We cater to players of all types with the exception of griefers and a-holes.

Eternity Forgiven holds casual raids weekly on a first come, first serve basis with gear expectations. Just because you can't dedicate your life to gearing your toons doesn't mean we won't take you with.  We primarily focus on PvE but also work in PvP groups and casual gatherings as well. We hold regular custom events such as Datachronic (going after datacrons), Boss Toss(world boss hunting) and other events. We're here to ensure the game remains fun, entertaining and social for the entire guild.

Eternity Forgiven is on the North American East server The Shadowlands and has characters on both Imperial (Eternity Forgiven) and Republic (An Eternity Forgiven) for SW:TOR.  We accept players of any rank and alts are currently allowed. We have an age minimum requirement of players which is 18+. We do make exceptions to this rule if someone from the guild is sponsoring a younger player (such as family members, friends IRL, etc.)

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inertiaI'm back online over the next week. What times do you guys play so we can start rebuilding this son bitch?
Maurianna   Lately, mostly evenings around 8ish. Weathers been to nice to stay indoors all day. Not warm enough to start planting yet, but starting to get the garden prepped.
Maelboldja   added 90 Advanced days to Eternity Forgiven
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inertia   Appreciate the support when we're in shambles mael
inertiaFrom the ashes - I'll be evaluating the state of the guild (or what's left of it) over the coming several days. Please let me know if you are still playing!
Soulbender   Will be jumping back on the game next month.Had to give it a rest for a while.
Trishlicious   still playing....
Cossylaidd   Getting back in the game.
LoupIt's going to be a little bit before Inertia and I return to the game. We lost our mother last week.
Maurianna   Sorry, to hear that. Take all the time you need and our thoughts are with you.
Maelboldja   A shame to hear, my condolences to you, inertia and your families
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