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Eternity Forgiven is a casual, social Star Wars: The Old Republic guild with a focus on building an enjoyable community and gaming experience for adult players.  We cater towards parents and 30+ year old working adults, but range from 18 - 70.  We know you have a life outside the game, and our guild is set up in a way that respects that.  We work towards helping those who need it become better players and ultimately be able to enjoy end game content as much as the leveling content.

Eternity Forgiven is on the North American East server The Shadowlands and has characters on the Imperial side.  We accept players of any rank and alts are allowed. We have an age minimum requirement of players which is 18. We do make some exceptions to this rule if someone from the guild is sponsoring a younger player (such as family members, friends IRL, etc.)

Eternity Forgiven Leadership

Eternity Forgiven is run by a guild council called the Dark Council.  There is no guild master that controls this guild.  EF Council members serve terms and must be elected into position by the members of the guild.  More information is in the Guild Bylaws.


Eternity Forgiven holds casual raiding on a first come first serve basis.  Members register on the guild website calendar to attend raids.  We also have raid groups which members of the guild put together themselves after becoming Raid Leaders.  Those groups are not managed by the Dark Council and the Dark Council will not interfere with the running or rules of each group except in extreme circumstances.


Eternity Forgiven gathers the members mutlple times per week to focus on Conquests and conquering planets.  We will continue to work towards becoming the number one in conquests every week.  Conquests offers a lot of really great character and guild bonuses that we can use so although it isn't required that members participate, it is very appreciated to give at least some time towards it.

If you are interested in joining the guild, please register on the site and send a mail message or whisper in game to any of the Dark Council members.  Current members of the Dark Council are AthenaPrime, Duke, Ghreene, Inertia, and Ren.

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RenUnfortunately the guild has had a set back tonight. We had someone (toon name Edurrifhuiu) posed as a Council member and took items from the guild bank (ie: money, flagship plans and stims). The Dark Council is sad to say it happened but now that it has we need your help. Anything that you can do is fine. Please do not think if you can't help now that you cannot contribute, doing conquests will help. We will be scheduling guild fund runs for all levels.
Thank you for sticking with us through this,The Dark Council.
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Ren   If your toon got kicked please let us know and we apologize.
athenaprime   I don't want to say I "liked" this. Because it's pretty damn shitty when someone abuses your trust in other people. But we're most concerned with the people who were wrongly kicked from the guild by this scammer. If you have a toon that is no longer in the guild, please contact us through the website, or jump into Teamspeak, and we will get you back into the guild. We'll be running some fund runs and trying for conquest placement to replace what we lost.
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